What is Escape Room

Escape Room was primarily a video game, which is transfered from the virtual to the real world. This is an interactive game made for two to five contestants, who are locked inside a scenario-based room. Contestants have 60 minutes to escape from that place, while solving puzzles, riddles, searching for hidden objects, items, switches, clues, etc. Being locked within the room for 60 minutes will get your adrenalin pumping and stir up a wide range of emotions within you. Exactly that kind of concept is offered by Escape Room, which is getting more and more people playing every day. To participate in this game, you do not need any previous knowledge. The few things you need are: good mood, logical thinking, creativity and most important - teamwork!

Instead of playing a video game, you will find yourself directly inside of the scenario where you can feel as a hero, detective or maybe some main character of a movie.

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For friends and family
Team Building
For fans of video games and brain teasers

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